Kilim Trio

"boundless and timeless music of unbelievable beauty" Moors Magazine

"Deserves a lot, a lot of airplay, because it is very refined, flawless and above all breathtakingly beautiful!" Rootstime

"Acoustic music with links to Jazz, contemporary and middle eastern music. The sound of Tolga's guitar sometimes resembles that of an ud, reminding one of Renaud Garcia Fonds. The pieces are ambitious, well-worked compositions, that let the music breathe and invite us to a dreamlike travel. Tolga has a very natural, clear sound, and plays inspired improvisations that are disciplined and deeply musical." Francis Couvreux, Etudes Gitanes

"Music of rare beauty" Alessandro Nobis, Folk Bulletin

The trio was founded by Tolga During, a Dutch-Turkish guitarist who has been living in Italy for many years. The repertoire is made up of original compositions, combining the awareness of jazz with the knowledge of traditional music from the Mediterranean region. The arrangements let the music breathe and the improvisations are a place of dialogue between the instruments. Different colors are interwoven creating a unique sound as in a Kilim, a Turkish carpet.

The trio's sound is centered on a happy luthier experiment: a doubleneck classic guitar, in which one of the necks is fretless. The result is a kind of music that is difficult to classify, aiming to create a new direction in composition and improvisation, aware of tradition but contemporary at the same time.

Francesco Ganassin: bass clarinet

Clarinetist, improviser, teacher. He plays, arranges and composes sophisticated music, from soundtracks to free improvisation, from folk to jazz. Since 2003 he has played with Calicanto, one of the most popular folk groups in Europe, and since 2012 he is director and arranger of the Orchestra Popolare delle Dolomiti. He has given concerts throughout Europe and has about twenty published about 20 records.

Tolga During: guitar, fretless guitar

Was born in Istanbul in 1977, and grew up on a small island in the north of Holland. He made his debut in 1999 with the CD "Bohemia" opening doors to national and international Jazz festivals such as Montreux, Bansko, Pori and Terrassa. He continues to develop his music and has recorded nine other personal albums. For this project he uses a unique instrument built specifically for him; a guitar with two necks, one of which is without frets.

Kilim Trio Andrea Ruggeri Drums

Andrea Ruggeri: drums

Drummer, composer, arranger and teacher, is currently attending the second year of the jazz Conservatory studying drums and percussion. Active in new music and contemporary popular music, he collaborates with numerous national and international artists, playing in various festivals and concerts in Italy, Austria, France, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Romania, Norway, Russia, Morocco, recording over thirty CD's.

some festivals & concerts...

Montreux Jazzfestival - Switzerland, Shanghai World Music Festival - China, Royal Albert Hall - UK, Ferrara Jazzclub, International Jazzfestival Terrassa - Spain, Django Reinhardt Festival Torino, Shetland Folk festival - Scotland, Acoustic Guitar Meeting - Sarzana, Nardis Jazzclub - Turkey, SJU Jazzpodium - The Netherlands, PIT - Norway, Django Fest - Polonia, Pflasterspektakel - Austria, Killarney Summerfest - Ireland, Bl├╝hendes Barock - Germany, Bansko International Jazz Festival - Bulgary, Mavrovo Winter Festival - Macedony, The Quecumbar - UK, Bologna Jazzfestival - Italia, Argini & Margini - Pisa, Calagonone Jazz Festival - Sardegna, Eco della Musica Festival, Stranger Than Paranoia Festival - The Netherlands, Borgo Sonoro - Romagna, Vesprem Music Festival - Hungary, Pori International jazz Festival - Finland