During – Butera Gipsy Project

The project was born out of a friendship between guitarists Tolga During and Alessandro Butera, who share a similar path with the work of Django Reinhardt: a music discovered at early age, never abandoned, but which has remained in the background to make room for the need to express oneself through projects with original music – Ottomani for Tolga, Malhuma for Alessandro – and to develop musical languages ​​capable of breaking free from the patterns of swing and jazz and exploring different worlds of sound, drawing on both popular tradition as Jazz and contemporary music.

The points in common however are not limited to the music. The two guitarists both grew up on an island, Butera on Procida and During on Texel (Holland), in an environment and in conditions of insularity, which had a strong impact on their artistic and musical formation.

The proposed repertoire is mainly a tribute to Django’s music but also includes original compositions.