‘The music of Tolga is beautiful. He has a natural ability to make seem simple what is not simple. Virtuosity and excellent technique are second only to his beautiful melodic phrasing; Tolga is a very recognizable musician: if I hear him on records or on a stage with other 20 guitarists, I distinguish his mood, his sound.’

Sasà Calabrese, Peperoncino Jazz

“Tolga is much talented, his pure articulation together with beautiful tone is a delight. His trio goes beyond and renews the genre with an assertive personal style.”

Francis Couvreux, Etudes Tsiganes

“boundless and timeless music of unbelievable beauty”

Moors Magazine

“.. deserves a lot, a lot of airplay, because it is very refined, flawless and above all breathtakingly beautiful!”


“Tolga is a musician who combines a unique and arresting style with a masterful technique. His music is striking yet remains pure and uncluttered.”

Turkish Daily News

“Music of rare beauty”

Alessandro Nobis, Folk Bulletin

some festivals & concerts...

Montreux Jazzfestival - Switzerland, Shanghai World Music Festival - China, Royal Albert Hall - UK, Ferrara Jazzclub, International Jazzfestival Terrassa - Spain, Django Reinhardt Festival Torino, Shetland Folk festival - Scotland, Acoustic Guitar Meeting - Sarzana, Nardis Jazzclub - Turkey, SJU Jazzpodium - The Netherlands, PIT - Norway, Django Fest - Polonia, Pflasterspektakel - Austria, Killarney Summerfest - Ireland, Blühendes Barock - Germany, Bansko International Jazz Festival - Bulgary, Mavrovo Winter Festival - Macedony, The Quecumbar - UK, Bologna Jazzfestival - Italia, Argini & Margini - Pisa, Calagonone Jazz Festival - Sardegna, Eco della Musica Festival, Stranger Than Paranoia Festival - The Netherlands, Borgo Sonoro - Romagna, Vesprem Music Festival - Hungary, Pori International jazz Festival - Finland


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